C.O.U.S. (Cellos of Unusual Shape)

Cello of Unusual Shape

is a solo presentation by Erica Lessie, that explores the surprising diversity of variant cellos. I offer several live demonstrations, such as:

Folk Cellos of the Upper Midwest

Follow the arrival of Scandinavians to the upper midwest and learn how they transformed their native instrument, the psalmodikon, into a new class of folk cellos.

Geared toward adults and older children, this presentation focuses on history, anthropology, and folk instruments.

Espionage, Innovation and the Evolution of the Cello

Join me as I trace the colorful history of cello innovation, from the Renaissance to the 21st century. Discover the fascinating characters who contributed to the evolution of technology and cello design, and explore currently emerging developments in the field.

Suited for adults and teens, this program incorporates technology, design, history and electric instruments.

Cello Petting Zoo

Designed for pre-school and early elementary children, this presentation includes a demonstration of variant cellos, opportunities for children and parents to try several cellos, storytime, and a craft project.

Inspired by the R.O.U.S.es of The Princess Bride

What was the inspiration for the C.O.U.S. acronym? The R.O.U.S.es as seen in this scene of The Princess Bride.